Railroad Photo Gallery

This photo gallery will contain a changing selection of both current and historical railroad pictures. While the majority of pictures displayed will center around my favorite "Fallen Flag", the Wabash Railroad, others will be included. Please note that all pictures displayed are copyrighted by me, unless otherwise noted. Please feel free to use any and all pictures I hold copyright to, but please ask before using pictures copyrighted by others.

Wabash Railroad

Most of these pictures are from the Monticello Railroad Museum in Monticello, Illinois. The pictures include a rolling stock, a restored F7, and a train wreck in 1931.

Nickel Plate Road

In 1996, Nickel Plate #587 was sent from its home at the Indinana Transportation Museum to the Monticello Railroad Museum to have some work done on its firebox. Work was completed in the spring of 1997. For five weekends in May, 1997, #587 pulled excursion trains on the Monticello Railroad Museum trackage. These pictures were taken the first weekend in May. Once again the distinctive sounds of a steam engine with a full head of steam, and the erie, piercing wail of a steam whistle were heard across the Illinois prarie. And once again, children and grown-ups alike watched for the billowing plume of smoke that signified that the train was coming.

Pere Marquette Railroad

The pictures on this page are of an excusion put on by the Bluewater Chapter of the National Railroad Historic Society. This excursion took place on the weekend of May 22 & 23, 1995. The consist of 12 passenger cars was pulled on a 140 mile round trip by Pere Marquette #1225, a Berkshire type 4-8-2 steam engine. There are several photos on this page and it will take a little while to download.

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